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There's Actually Another Place Near Toronto That Sells The Cheesecake Factory's Famous Cake Slices

Yorkdale Mall isn't the only Cheesecake Factory destination in the GTA.
There's Actually Another Place Near Toronto That Sells The Cheesecake Factory's Famous Cake Slices

It was just over a year ago that America's beloved family restaurant, The Cheesecake Factory, opened the doors of their first Canadian location at Toronto's Yorkdale Mall. The lineup to get a coveted table at the new restaurant practically went on for days. Even with over 10,000 square feet of seating space and 300 staff members, people had no choice but to wait up to three hours just to get in.

If you're dying to taste the iconic cheesecakes but aren't willing to sacrifice several hours of your day to do so, there's good news. You can actually find them at a kiosk just north of Toronto, in Vaughan.

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The Cheesecake Factory has set up shop at the Vaughan Mills outlet mall, right by the food court. There you'll find dozens of their cheesecake varieties, laid out and looking delicious in a glass display case. Among them are the restaurant's most popular cheesecakes, including Godiva Double Chocolate, Banana Foster, Dulce de Leche, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and White Chocolate Raspberry. 

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The Vaughan Mills kiosk even sells The Cheesecake Factory's famous cupcakes, as well as other mouthwatering desserts to go. It's been at the outlet mall since at least September 2017, months before the Yorkdale restaurant opened. 

Did you know Ela's Macarons carries Cheesecake Factory desserts incl. their famous cupcakes & cheesecakes to go? 😍 #thischangeseverything

September 25, 2017

But, it's also worth mentioning that you don't actually have to wait in line for a table at Yorkdale's Cheesecake Factory to get some cake slices to go. The restaurant has a separate takeout counter right by the entrance where you can order them right away.

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