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There's Going To Be A Massive 'Game of Thrones' Festival At House Stark And You're Invited

'Game of Thrones' fans are probably gutted since the new season isn't going to drop until 2019 but there are still plenty of ways to fill the gap between now and then. Indulge in the HBO GOT spin-off, or? Actually go and party like a Stark at Winterfell on September 24th. 

It shouldn't surprise you that The Stark's home is actually a real life castle. It's actually called Castle Ward and is located in Northern Ireland, where the cast regularly frequents to film. This year, in honour of Game of Thrones' massive season, the castle owners are throwing an insane festival to celebrate the show and everyone who loves it. 

A reproduction company has signed on to the festival in order to reenact some serious GOT style entertainment - from medieval horseback jousting, to sword sparring, falcon fights and a roast hog feast. Unlike GOT itself, the festival is also family friendly, as there'll be shadow puppet shows and mini tournaments for kids. 

The best part of it all?!? There will be TWO OF THE DIREWOLVES in attendance - you know, those big fluffy adorable majestic creatures?? And two GOT Kingsguard actors to host walk-and-talks during the one-day festival. 

Adult tickets will set you back about $36 dollars and kids tickets about $16. 

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