Toronto is known for it's amazing foodie scene across the country. You'll rarely find yourself walking down a street in Toronto without seeing at least 5 delicious-looking restaurants that you're dying to try out. 

The best thing about Toronto's foodie scene though is how unique and current it is. New restaurants serving up insane creations of our favourite foods are constantly popping up all over the city. 

The newest one on the scene is Hot Bunzz Street Cuisine that features crazy stuffed buns! 

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They just opened up a pop-up location at 170 Spadina Ave in Toronto's Chinatown area. The stuffed buns concept isn't found at many places in the city but you're definitely going to want to try some once you hear what's in them! 

Their menu sounds insanely delicious including surf n' turf buns, eggplant parmigiana buns, jerk chicken buns, falafel buns, cheese and mushroom buns and soooo many others! 

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They also have a full menu of sides including loaded sweet potato fries, popcorn cauliflower, coleslaw, pork balls and more! 

These inspired versions of Asian bao buns will 100% become your new favourite food and hopefully, if their semi-permanent pop-up goes well, they'll open up a fully permanent location here in Toronto! 

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Check out their website for more information!