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These Are The 10 Cities In Canada You Are Most Likely To Find A Job After Graduation

One of the biggest problems that occur after receiving a university or college degree, is finding a job. Unless you have a super duper connection through family or friends, you'll most likely scuffle for a while.

Are you tired of hearing the question at family gatherings, "so what are you going to do now?" Perhaps you should consider a move to one of these 10 Canadian cities that are your best bet for finding a job after graduation:

These numbers were provided by BMO's Regional Labour Market Report Card and gathered by ranking cities across Canadian based on annual employment, annual population growrth, employment and unemployment rates:

1. Guelph, Ontario

Annual population growth: 1.2 %

Annual employment growth: 9.1 %

Employment rate: 72 per cent

Unemployment rate: 4.2 % (down 0.9 % year-over-year)

2. Regina, Saskatchewan

Annual population growth: 2 %

Annual employment growth: 1.1 %

Employment rate: 69.8 %

Unemployment rate: 4.5 % (up 0.5 % in a year)

3. Quebec City, Quebec

Annual population growth: 0.7 %

Annual employment growth: 4.7 %

Employment rate: 66.3 %

Unemployment rate: 4.9 % (down 0.5 % in a year)

4. Moncton, New Brunswick

Annual population growth: 1.3 %

Annual employment growth: 6.3 %

Employment rate: 63.9 %

Unemployment rate: 6.2 % (down 0.6 % year-over-year)

5. Vancouver, British Columbia

Annual population growth: 1.9 per %

Annual employment growth: 4.2 %

Employment rate: 62.3 %

Unemployment rate: 5.7 % (down 0.3 % in a year)

6. Edmonton, Alberta

Annual population growth: 2.3 %

Annual employment growth: 3.7 %

Employment rate: 69.8 %

Unemployment rate: 6.2% (up 1.4 % year-over-year)

7. Toronto, Ontario

Annual population growth: 1.7 %

Annual employment growth: 4.7 %

Employment rate: 62.6 %

Unemployment rate: 7 % (down 1% in a year)

8. Kingston, Ontario

Annual population growth: 0.8 %

Annual employment growth: 6.5 %

Employment rate: 61 %

Unemployment rate: 6.5 % (down 0.2 % year-over-year)

9. London,Ontario

Annual population growth: 0.9 %

Annual employment growth: 3.8 %

Employment rate: 60.3 %

Unemployment rate: 6.2 % (down 1.1 % in a year)

10. Winnipeg, Manitoba

Annual population growth: 1.5 %

Annual employment growth: 2.4 %

Employment rate: 60.3 %

Unemployment rate: 6.1 % (up 0.4 % in a year)

Sources: BMO

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