When you think of bars in Toronto, there's no shortage of unique and interesting places to get your booze on. From theme bars to trivia bars and everything in between, there's a place for everyone to get their favourite cocktails. 

But when you're looking for a dive with a more laid back gem, it can be hard to stumble down the downtown streets searching for that perfect hole in the wall yourself. We've done the guesswork for you so you don't have to search the city streets for your next watering hole! 

These hidden gems in the city aren't on everybody's radar, but they are definitley worth checking out. 

1. The Hole in the Wall // 2867A Dundas Street West 

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The name of this classicly cool dive says it all. With exposed brick and leather seating, this mimic of upscale offers some seriously delicious food along with live music and some of the best craft beers around.

2. Wide Open // 139A Spadina Avenue 

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This is the perfect depiction of a classic dive bar. The super narrow Wide Open has grafitti splattered all over its walls, giving off the true hole in the wall vibe this place is going for. The best part about this place isn't its vibes though. It's the cheap drinks. You can get 5 dollar shots daily and on Thursdays all drinks are under 3 bucks!

3. The Libertine // 1307 Dundas Street West 

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This cool vintage dive gives off some serious speakeasy vibes. The entrance to this underground bar is lit up with a tarot reader sign, and if that doesn't scream awesome hole in the wall then nothing does. They serve up some of the best craft cocktails around, and a seasonal menu so the food is always changing.

4. Swan Dive // 1631 Dundas Street West 

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Leaving pretentiousness at the door, Swan Dive is a seriously laid back place with a Chucky Cheese for adults kind of vibe. The quirky establishment has a free vintage popcorn machine, an assortment of craft beers and an everchanging menu. With vintage eclectic vibes, this place is a must for its warm and inviting aura alone.

5. Thirsty and Miserable // 197 Baldwin Street 

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Located in the heart of Kensington Market, Thirsty and Miserable is the perfect joint to get your beer on. With a full list of local crafts, this place has enough hops for everyone. With a punk rock vibe and a give no f's attitude, this low key place is on this list for a really good reason; it's perfect.

6. Ted's Collision // 573 College Street 

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This no muss no fuss hole in the wall sticks to it's classic dive roots by serving up cheap beer and a low-key vibe that everyone wants from their favourite dive. This bar is a gritty rock and roll joint, possibly one of the last real ones in the city, and isn't afraid to stay the same in an everchanging city.

7. Done Right Inn // 861 Queen Street West 

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The Done Right Inn is doing all kinds of right with its epic patio and mix-and-match decor style. The old-school establishment offers a no frills drinking experience with its short list of cold brews and a pet friendly patio. Low-key is the name of their game and it works so well.

8. Wheat Sheaf // 667 King Street West

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This bar has been open since the 1800's, so you know they're doing something right. With pub grub offerings and a 1200-song jukebox, this place gives off the laid back vibes you want when it comes to your dive watering hole experience.

9. Cloak Bar // 488 Wellington Street 

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This tough to find basement bar is tucked between a stairwell and a kitchen on Wellington Street, but once you find it and get inside the vibe changes from murdery to magical real quick. They offer the best craft cocktails around and a stacked menu full of perfect late night eats.

10. Get Well // 1181 Dundas Street West 

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This taproom on Dundas gives new life to the old bar style with an incredible old-school decor and vintage arcade games. You might for the novelty but you'll stay for their selection of craft beers.