These 15 Toronto Brunch Spots Were Ranked Best In Canada

These spots got the best reviews from customers!
These 15 Toronto Brunch Spots Were Ranked Best In Canada

I think we can all agree that brunch is literally the best thing to ever be created. Breakfast is great and all but there's something even more amazing about being able to wake up late on a Sunday morning, stroll down to your local spot and enjoy a delicious meal of unreal breakfast foods with your family and friends. 

That's what brunch is all about now and that's why so many people call it their favourite meal. Toronto is full of amazing restaurants, walk down almost any street and you'll see at least 5 that you need to check out at some point. That's why it's no surprise that 15 Toronto restaurants were included on a list of 100 Best Brunch Restaurants In Canada for 2018. 

This list was created by Open Table which we all know and love for providing us with a super easy way to make dinner reservations online. Open Table generated these rankings from reviews written by real customers! You can check out the full list of best Canadian brunch spots here.

Epic Restaurant - Fairmont Royal York

100 Front St W

Hot House Restaurant & Bar

35 Church St 

Hunter's Landing 

82 Fort York Blvd 

Mildred's Temple Kitchen 

85 Hanna Ave