Sometimes we all wish we could just escape to paradise. After a long cold winter, spring is just around the corner, which can give you the itch for adventure. So why not book a flight to somewhere beautiful and just get away from everyday life?

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If you're in need of a tropical getaway then look no further. These pink sand beaches are as beautiful as they are relaxing, and that's a lot! You will not only have an amazing vacation, you'll get to see some of the rarest beaches in the world.

Sunshine, a vacation, and icy drinks are always a good idea! Here are 7 pink sand beaches to check out on your next adventure.

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7. Harbour Island, Bahamas.

Probably the most well known pink beach in the world, Harbour Island is located by the Devil's Backbone coral reef and is a popular destination spot in the Bahamas.

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6. Elafonisi, Greece.

Located in the south-west of the island of Crete, Elafonisi is actually a protected nature reserve. In good weather, you can even walk through the water from the beach to the main island!

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5. Komodo, Indonesia.

In Komodo, you can enjoy more than just the dragons! These pink sand beaches are popular among tourists but the Komodo National park was actually created to help protect our reptile friends.

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4. Bonaire Pink Beach, Dutch Caribbean Island.

The Dutch Caribbean Islands are home to many beaches but Pink Beach is like no other. Not only is it pink, it's perfect for scuba-diving and snorkelling.

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3. Elbow Beach, Bermuda.

Elbow Beach is popular amongst both natives of Bermuda and tourists. Since there are coral reefs close by the water remains quite calm so it's perfect for swimming!

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2. Spiaggia Rosa, Sardinia, Italy.

Though this beach is beautiful, it's actually closed to the public! Make sure you book a tour to check out the Spiaggia Rosa's beauty.

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1. Pink Beach of Great Santa Cruz Island, Philippines

Great Santa Cruz Island likes to boast the fact that they have the only pink beach in the Philippines and who could blame them? This beach isn't as popular to tourists so if you're looking for a private getaway, this would be the best spot!