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These Are The 10 Best Patios In Toronto For When You Don’t Want To Wait Hours For A Table

No time to wait!
These Are The 10 Best Patios In Toronto For When You Don’t Want To Wait Hours For A Table

Patio season has arrived and now that anyone who's anyone is lining up to get their butts in a chair on one of Toronto's hottest patios, it can get a little busy. And when you and your friends or S/O want that patio experience without all the commotion, it may seem next to impossible to find. We've rounded up a list of the best patios in Toronto for when you want to avoid the crowd and have a little privacy. 

Whatever your flavour when it comes to food or drink, these next 10 patios have got you covered. 

La Libre 

Where: 14 Dupont Street

This authentic Mexican restaurant is only open during the summer months and hidden behind Playa Cabana Hacienda. The chill scene is the best place to get your margherita on when you don't want to fight the crowds at some of the more popular patios across town. 


Nuit Social

Where: 1168 Queen Street West

If you're looking for a little romance in your patio dining, then head over to Nuit Social. The backyard patio screams intimacy and with their impressive charcuterie-style dining experience, you and your S/O will be glad you didn't miss them. Their dishes are all made to share so head on over and get your romance on. 


Cafe Pamenar 

Where: 307 Augusta Avenue 

This quaint little coffee place located in the heart of Kensington Market is perfect for those afternoon latte's without the line up that a lot of top coffee shops always seem to have. Their backyard vibes are to die for, and you'll love that feeling of being tucked away from the busy market life. 


Cadillac Lounge 

Where: 1296 Queen Street West

This retro-style restaurant is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to dining experience. They offer live music, a killer menu, drive bar vibes and of course a patio big enough for your whole crew. They mix nostalgia of the old with appreciation of the new to create a haven for anyone looking to eat good food and experience good tunes. 


Bar Reyna 

Where: 158 Cumberland Street

Nestled in the heart of Yorkville, Bar Reyna is a cocktail and snack bar that should not be missed. Their patio is small and intimate and is decked out with exposed brick, soft hanging string lights and a seriously cozy appeal. This place is a must-see for both its darling patio and epic cocktail list. 


The Three Speed 

Where: 1163 Bloor Street West

Over on Bloor West is The Three Speed, a seriously intimate spot to get your drink on. The wood burning fireplace and greenery on the patio makes it an oasis in the city and their communal tables make it great for large groups. Anyone that's ever been gives raves reviews and it's one of those spots that you can't hit up just once. 


Greater Good 

Where: 229 Geary Avenue 

This craft beer bar is the perfect place for anyone that loves a good local brew. With over 18 selections, there's a beer for everyone. They're selection of beer is only rivaled by their amazingly cozy patio. It's seclusion from the outside makes it the perfect place to have a few brews and eat a good meal with your closest pals. They also have retro arcade games and one of the best pizzas in the city, so there's that. 


Queen Mother

Where: 208 Queen Street West

To get to the patio at Queen Mother, you're led down a set of stairs and through a secret passageway to come up on the other side in a different world. That alone makes this patio worth the trip, but the seclusion is offers from the big city around it is bar none. The cafe also showcases local artists' work, so if arts your thing you definitely won't want to miss your trip to this place. 


Glad Day

Where: 499 Church Street 

This book store/coffee shop has to cutest little patio for when you're in the mood for private reading sessions and literary discussions over espressos and latte's. They also offer an impressive menu of cocktails and drinks, as well as a wide variety of dishes to satisfy any craving. 


The Walton

Where: 607 College Street 

This cafe and cocktail bar mixes classic chic with new age elegance to create a seriously beautiful place to get your patio on. With their endless cocktail and drink lists, as well as an epic pastry selection of pastries, this one is a must-see. The patio is decked out with overhanging trees and white lights hanging across making it a serene escape from the city. 


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