You really can never have too many shoes. And while I whole heartedly agree with that statement, sometimes you need just one pair of shoes that can be your go-to in any situation.

With summer, we have a change in wardrobe. This ultimately means that your most trusty pair of leather boots need to go back in the closet and we need to find a new shoe to take us from the office to the patio, or better yet to the cottage.

Enter Birkenstock: the perfect summer shoe.

Photo cred- Global Yuppie Style

Living in Canada, as we do, means we benefit from a land rich with stunning natural beauty and a variety of environments that are a sin not to enjoy once the weather is warm. From appreciating the urban jungle on a sunny Toronto patio to frolicking in the open fields of Wayhome and Bestival, you gotta look good...but you also got to be comfortable.

So why are Birks so great? No shoe laces=no problem, not to mention their ultra-comfortable soles and design will keep your feet happy no matter where the day takes you.

Their monochromatic all-black and all-white sandals can totally be worn with your stylish office clothes for a casual yet sophisticated look.

Photo cred – Birkenstock

Another thing we love about Birkenstocks is that they are totally indestructible. I wore mine all over South East Asia for 6 months straight and they look good as new. So if they can survive that, they can definitely handle a weekend up in Muskoka.

Check out MyBirkenstockShop online for the ultimate shoe for any summer situation!

Photo cred- We Heart It