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These Are The Top Signs He's A Toronto Wasteman, According To Twitter

In London, you’re a Kingsman. In Louisville, you’re a Statesman. In Toronto, you’re a wasteman.

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Wastemans are a distinct marker of the city, or as the locals say, a true “Toronto ting.” When you hear “wasteman” being said out loud, you know you must be in Toronto or near someone who’s from there.

The term is well known among the younger generations in Toronto, who often say it as a joke or insult. For many, it’s become an integral part of daily speech, mainly because 1) it can be conveniently used in almost any situation and 2) it’s just fun to throw around.

Despite the fact that the term is used just as heavily in other places like the UK and the Caribbean, Torontonians love to claim it as their own. Don’t argue about it with them, either — they won't back down, and you’re probably not going to win.

By standard definition, a ‘wasteman’ is a person who does nothing with his life, but there’s a little bit more to them than that. Torontonians often have to explain this to people who aren’t from the city, but sometimes they’re hard to understand because their explanations are something like this:

it’s so hard to explain a toronto word without using the actual word to explain it

If you live in Toronto, you probably know a wasteman or are familiar with one. But just in case you weren’t sure, here are the top signs he’s a Toronto wasteman, according to Torontonians on Twitter:

achieve the ultimate form of a toronto wasteman by adding “Mc” to your twitter username

nothing will ever make Toronto wasteman happier than telling him it’s a 4 am last call weekend

an example of a rich Toronto wasteman …

every Toronto wasteman links up at Yonge street mcdonalds round 8:33 PM just to post up outside

No Long Talk is the perfect guide on how to be a Toronto wasteman 101.

From 50 metres you can hear a Toronto wasteman say "Jheeze"

I'm wearing a bucket hat which makes me an honorary official Toronto wasteman for the day. TINGS FOR EVERYONE FAM

definition of a toronto wasteman: …

smoking shisha in my cousin's apartment in toronto and i'm bout to order popeyes, I feel like a toronto wasteman

Stealing a mans tweet is really the epitome of Toronto wasteman …

come to the conclusion that majority of toronto wastemans live/chill around dufferin & bloor to dufferin & queen

Smh it's like all Toronto wastemans have that one filter they all use to throw on a picture of them with weed or counting money lmao

eaton centre & Yorkdale are where Toronto wastemans are.

why toronto wastemans always tryna show that they don't like drake like we get it do you feel sweet or smth #VIEWS

Witnesses Toronto wastemans in their natural habitat. Taking shots on the Line 1 of the subway

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