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These Canadian Provinces Had The Highest Spike Of Hate-Related Crimes Last Year

Canada saw a giant spike in hate-related crimes reported to police in 2017.
These Canadian Provinces Had The Highest Spike Of Hate-Related Crimes Last Year

As Canadians, we usually view our country as a pretty safe and very polite place, especially when we take a look down South at our feuding neighbours in the United States. It's no surprise that Trump's country has become a place where hate-crimes breed. Yet, is it possible that some of this hate and violence has started to spread to the North? According to Statistics Canada, the answer is a definite and scary YES. 

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The amount of police-reported hate crimes in Canada has increased dramatically in 2017, rising over 47% from previous years. Police have reported 2,073 hate crimes within the year, with a high number of incidents targeting the Black, Jewish and Muslim communities. Not surprisingly, a few provinces had waaay more hate-related crimes than others. 

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The three biggest targets for these rises in hate crimes are race, religion and sexual orientation. The biggest increase of the three has been religion, with a rise of 83% more reported crime than the year before. 

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Sadly, this doesn't come as a surprise. Our newsfeeds have become littered with an insane number of hate-crime incidents that have occurred around our local communities, and they just don't seem to be stopping. 

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Ontario came in #1 for the highest rate of hate crimes across Canada last year. In total, Ontario had 1,023 police reported hate crimes in 2017.The hate crimes within this province rose 67% with an additional 411 hate crime incidents than the year before! 

Quebec followed shortly behind, coming in #2. Quebec has reported a 50% increase in hate crimes for the year of 2017 with an additional 162 hate related crimes incidents than 2016. In total, they had 489 reported hate crimes last year. The main reasoning for the spike of Quebec's hate crime is a result of Muslim related hate crimes, which have tripled in the past year. 

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British Columbia and Alberta have also reported hate crime rises within their provinces for the year of 2017. Alberta has had an additional 53 reported hate crimes, while British Columbia follows closely behind with 44. 

Source: Statistics Canada