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These Five Popular Beaches In Toronto Are Officially Closed Due To E.Coli Contamination

The bacteria counts are too high for swimmers at these Lake Ontario beaches.

Nothing is better than a beach day in the summer but if you're thinking of heading to Toronto's lakeshore this weekend you may want to reschedule. 

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Due to the flooding that took over the city earlier this week, five of the cities amazing beaches are currently pretty gross. Due to overflowing water, E. coli contamination has caused them to close for the safety of swimmers. 

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Toronto SwimSafe has listed almost half of our Lake Ontario beaches as unsafe with five of the 11 being closed due to the levels of bacteria. 

Marie Curtis Park East, Sunnyside, Centre Island, Wards Island, and Rouge beaches are those that are unable to have swimmers at this time. The cities other six beaches are declared safe to swim in, but with questionable water surrounding them, is it really worth it? 

E. coli is found in water typically comes as a result of human or animal fecal matter being present. That means that the runoff of the flood from sewage and excess rain has dirtied the beaches and raised the level of bacteria. 

SwimSafe does confirm that these results are from samples taken from the affected beached within the last 24 hours. If there are over 100 E.coli per 100 milliliters of water it is considered a hazard for swimming and can cause rashes, infections and illnesses. 

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Don't take the risk when it comes to E. coli! With the rest of August left, it may be worth planning a beach trip in the final weeks of summer. 

Source: City of Toronto