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These Gin And Tonic Popsicles Are The Perfect Way To Cool Down This Summer

It's popsicle SZN! It's time to get creative and up your popsicle game this summer. Spice up your frozen goodies with some fun stuff. G & T's are already sooo refreshing, why not turn them into popsicles? These gin and tonic popsicles are super easy and the perfect treat for anytime during the week.

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With any recipe, you want to be able to make it your own! If you prefer a gin and seven, substitute the cucumbers in this recipe for limes. Follow along for a delicious and fresh beverage!

1. Gather your ingredients.

  • 3 cups of tonic or 7 up
  • 2 oz of gin
  • Juice of half a lime
  • Cucumber

2. Cut very thin slices of cucumber.

3. Mix all the ingredients together.

4. Place the cucumber slices in a popsicle tray.

If you don't have popsicle tray, use disposable glasses with sticks.

via @lauren__s__

5. Pour in liquid mixture.

6. Leave the popsicles in the freezer for at least 12 hours.

via @zaradeh

VOILA! How easy was that? Comment below if you want to try this!

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