It would make sense that all the best restaurants are also the most popular restaurants, right? Well - sort of. Since Toronto is huge and all, there are so many patios hidden within the city that are just as good and so not as crowded.

We all know that the best summer nights are spent sipping on sangrias in a backyard patio, and we're still in the perfect season to explore them. While popular contestants like Amsterdam Brewhouse and The Porch still dominate the Toronto scene, we’ve compiled a secret list for you on the best hidden patios in the city that you have to check out before summer ends.

Bar Reyna

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Drawing inspiration from that Mediterranean-esque charm, the year-round patio at Bar Reyna is decorated with adorable white umbrellas and serves some of the best cocktails you can find in the city.



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I don’t know about you, but I love hammocks. I’m one of those people who believes hammocks should be installed everywhere; which means I fully support FIKA Cafe and their hammock-included patio. Don't you?!


The Walton

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The Walton has a name that you expect would be used for a boutique hotel, but those are the vibes that you get at this place. With amazing espresso and pastries, the patio at this quaint cafe also features cute hanging lanterns.


Harvest Kitchen

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Any patio that has outdoor lights also has my attention. A relaxed restaurant serving some epic vegetarian comfort food amongst other non-vegetarian options, this patio should be added to your bucket list ASAP.


Reposado Bar & Lounge

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Chic, cool, and classy: the patio at Reposado Bar and Lounge is all three of those things rolled into one epic Mexican tapas-serving and live music venue.


The Caledonian

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The back patio at The Caledonian has a perfect combination of wooden tables and fresh trees that make you feel as though you’re far from the city. Oh, and their whisky collection should obviously be the second most important reason to go.


Fonda Lola

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Like I said before - if you’ve got a trees and a lights, then you’ve got an Alexis. This adorable backyard patio is decorated with exactly that, while the restaurant is also famous for authentic Mexican food and margaritas.


Queen Mother Cafe

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While hopefully not the same kind of experience you would get if you were to have dinner with Queen Mother Cersei Lannister herself, this relaxing garden patio serves some delicious international dishes and even better memories.


The Greater Good Bar

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I was going to find some place to insert a “greater good” joke, but I think that’d be too corny. Instead, I’m just going to talk about how this laid-back patio serves good New York-style pizza while also entertaining you with some arcade games inside.


Her Father's Cider Bar

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Located in Harbord Village, the patio at Her Father’s Cider Bar serves amazing local cider on tap and in bottles while also featuring a lively mural on the wall outside.


The Tiki Bar At The Bovine Sex Club

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Not to be confused with Toronto’s Shameful Tiki Room, The Tiki Bar is a rooftop patio and cocktail bar above the Bovine Sex Club (but don’t expect any of the club’s dark interior to follow you upstairs).


Poetry Jazz Cafe

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The cozy back patio at Poetry Jazz Cafe has live music, adorable decor, and delicious cocktails - but the one thing it doesn’t have? La La Land’s Ryan Gosling. Sigh.