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These New Receipts Expose Doug Ford For Lying About Being The Reason Ontario Gas Prices Are So Low

Looks like the Premier isn't the reason one of his promises was kept.
These New Receipts Expose Doug Ford For Lying About Being The Reason Ontario Gas Prices Are So Low

Doug Ford's road to becoming Ontario's latest premier was a wild one, to say the least. Though if there is one thing many people know about his platform apart from all the chaos and the 'buck a beer' promise, it's that Ford was also promising to shave 10 cents a litre off of the high gas prices that were plaguing Ontarians at the time of the election. 

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While 'buck a beer' is barely holding on considering as of this month only one company is selling their brews at a dollar each, there was one saving grace for many Ford fans- cheaper gas prices. That promise seemingly being kept was a big deal considering Canadians went as far as attempting to orchestrate a country-wise protest over gas prices last Spring. 

Through the past three months, prices at the pump have seen dramatic drops, with Ontario specifically seeing especially cheaper gas prices in comparison to other provinces. While at face value it may seem more than convenient that Ford arrived into office around the time gas prices had begun to drop, unfortunately, it's nothing more than that. 

@fordnationdougfordembedded via  

Ford, on the other hand, has said otherwise, going as far as to claim he is the reason behind the price dive, saying back in November “we’re making sure we’re lowering taxes. We’re lowering gas prices — which everyone talked about this week — about how low the gas prices were.” 

One Torontonian wasn't having it with Ford's lies anymore though and wanted to show that Ford really has had no impact on gas prices whatsoever. To do so, he showed just how low prices are across the board in Canada: 

When @fordnation takes credit for lower gas prices in ON, be sure to also congratulate him on somehow lowering prices in AB, MB, QC, PEI...

December 28, 2018

The chart above shows a timeline running since Ontario's election up until November and the range in gas prices for each province. While Ontario has seen a considerable drop in gas prices, so has every single province and territory in Canada. To make matters more apparent that Ford hasn't made an impact, Ontario doesn't even make the top five for largest gas price drop. Instead, the province trails Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. 

@ys_young_eunembedded via  

The overall drop in gas prices across the country proves that the dip in prices has to do with the troubles in Alberta, rather than Doug Ford's promises. Unfortunately, the cheap gas prices have major consequences that are drowning the country in debt. Though to make matters worse, the country is on track to see a spike in gas anyways, meaning that Doug Ford claiming the dip is due to his action will be the least of drivers' worries once prices reach the highest they've been since 2014

Sources: CBC News, TVO 

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