If you live in the GTA you’ve likely heard about the protests at the restaurant called Antler on Dundas St W. in Toronto.

If you haven’t heard about it, vegans have been protesting the restaurant, to the point that the owner once carved up and ate a deer leg in front of them. 

Well vegans are still protesting the restaurant but recently some people showed up to prank the protesters. And it’s both ridiculous and slightly confusing.  

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In a video posted on YouTube just yesterday a group of 3 men calling themselves Live Dudes came to do what they describe in the video as a “performance art piece” for the protesters in an effort to prank them. 

One of them plays the part of ‘the cow of innocence’ while dressed in cow onesie. The other two play "a rich man from Bay Street" who wants to eat the cow and "Justin Trudeau" who tries to stop the Bay Street man from killing the cow. 

Via Live Dudes

‘Trudeau’ and the Bay Street man engage in a sword fight with ‘Trudeau holding a zucchini and the Bay Street man holding a bone.

They also repeatedly do a little song and dance routine with the lyrics ‘food are friends, food are friends/where is the line draw where does it begin,’ throughout the video. 

It’s not really clear it this worked as well as it was supposed to though.  

Via Live Dudes

The protesters don’t really react or even seem to even notice that this is apparently supposed to be a prank at their expense.  

You can see the video of the 'prank' below.