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These Retro Ontario Drive-Ins Account For Half Of The Remaining Drive-Ins In Canada

Alright, let's be honest. When Canadians think movie theatres, there's one word that comes to mind - Cineplex. Cineplex Cinemas has pretty much dominated the movie-going ritual in the country, though another venue that seems to be neglected is the old-school drive-in experience.

While drive-ins be popping in the mid 1900s, this retro night out is kind of underrated now. In Canada, there's only 38 drive-ins remaining, and half of those drive-ins are in Ontario. If you're down to check any of them out (and you should), we've got a complete and compiled list of the 19 drive-ins that remain in the province. Sorry, Cineplex.

5 Drive-In Movie Theatre

Where: Oakville, Ontario

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Opening in 1964, this Oakville drive-in allows leashed pets and is operated by the Premier Theatre chain. A second screen was added to venue in the 1980’s, with a third one opening in the early 2000’s.


Mustang Drive-In Theatre

Where: Guelph, Ontario

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This Mustang Drive-in is located in Guelph and opened in 1961. It only operates between April and September.


Starlite Drive-In

Where: Grand Bend, Ontario

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Opening in 1955, the Grand Bend Starlite Drive-in is one of the country’s oldest theatres. It also one of the many Starlite Drive-ins in the province, so make sure you’re looking at the correct location before planning what would turn out to be an awkward date.


The Mustang Drive-In

Where: London, Ontario

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Opening in 1950, this drive-in operated as a single screen theatre until it debuted a second screen in the mid 1970’s.


The Boonies Drive-In

Where: Tilbury, Ontario

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The Boonies Drive-In is pretty new. Opening in 2014, the theatre now operates from May through October and presents their movies through a digital projection.


Skylight Drive-In

Where: Pembroke, Ontario

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This small drive-in is located in Pembroke and can hold about 200 cars.


Muskoka Drive-In

Where: Muskoka, Ontario

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Opening in 1952, the Muskoka Drive-in just added a second screen during the summer. There is also a playground for the kids to use, but keep in mind they do not allow any outside food.


Can View Drive-In

Where: Fonthill, Ontario

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Located about 10 minutes from Niagara Falls, the Can View Drive-In is the largest drive-in located in Ontario. It has four screens and can fill up to about 2000 cars.


Havelock Family Drive-In

Where: Havelock, Ontario

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The Havelock Family Drive-In is one of Canada’s newest theatres ever since it opened in 2011. It can hold about 175 cars and even operates through the fall until Christmas time.


Starlite Drive-In

Where: Hamilton, Ontario

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Three screens and almost always packed, this Starlite Drive-in theatre in Hamilton operates from April to October.


Midland Drive-In

Where: Midland, Ontario

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A single screen theatre, the Midland Drive-In sometimes shows 3-4 movies at great value.


Kingston Drive-In

Where: Kingston, Ontario

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First opening in 1966, the Kingston Drive-In is a three screen venue that can park over 1000 cars. They also feature on-site activities such as mini-golf and go carts - which sounds like the perfect summer night, don’t you think?!


Stardust Drive-In

Where: Sharon, Ontario

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Opening in 1955, the Stardust Drive-In had operated until 2012. It was then purchased by Premier Theatre chain of Canada and reopened.


Lindsay Twin Drive-In

Where: Kawartha Lakes, Ontario

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The Lindsay Twin Drive-In is - you guessed it - a twin screen drive-in theatre in Kawartha Lakes; which is about an hour and a half north of Toronto.


Port Elmsley Drive-In

Where: Perth, Ontario

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After opening in 1953, the Port Elmsley Drive-In closed in 1997 for three years. It was then renovated and reopened in 2000. It now holds about 350 cars.


Mustang Drive-In

Where: Picton, Ontario

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Leave those credit cards at home because this Picton dual screen drive-in only accepts cash and good times!


Sunset Barrie Drive-In

Where: Barrie, Ontario

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Opening in 1960, The Sunset Barrie Drive-In is also owned and operated by the Premier Theatre chain.


Hanover Drive-In

Where: Hanover, Ontario

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A single screen drive-in located in Hanover, this retro theatre shows double features, and even adds a couple more films to its schedule on Sunday nights.


Port Hope Drive-In

Where: Cobourg, Ontario

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The Port Hope Drive-In has been entertaining it’s guests ever since it opened in 1947. It's a single screen venue and only accepts cash - though, to make up for that, they do allow you to bring your pet.


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