These Rustic Cabin Tents Are The Perfect Place To Go Camping In Ontario This Summer

A cozy campsite!
These Rustic Cabin Tents Are The Perfect Place To Go Camping In Ontario This Summer

Spring is officially here and before we know it summer will arrive too. According to Environment Canada we're in for a long, hot summer this year which is perfect for spending all of our days hiking, swimming and enjoying the great outdoors. 

There's tons of beautiful National and Provincial parks across Ontario that offer all of this and more! But I've had my fair share of stories where camping goes wrong, luckily Parks Canada has us covered. 

In multiple parks across Ontario Parks Canada have these rustic cabin tents set up that are basically a mix between regular tents and cabins called oTENTiks! 

OTENTiks offer a comfortable mix of regular camping and the comfort of staying in a cozy cabin. You're not roughing it while sleeping on the hard ground but you still get the feeling of sleeping outdoors in nature. 

You can find these tent cabins at multiple parks across Ontario including Thousand Islands National Park, Georgian Bay Islands National Park, Point Pelee National Park, Rouge National Urban Park, Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic Site and Rideau Canal National Historic Site! 

Each tent includes a sleeping area for up to 6 people, a table, solar powered lighting, a front deck, a picnic table, Muskoka chairs, a charcoal BBQ, and washrooms nearby. 

The typical cost of an oTENTik will range from about $90 to $120 a night depending on the season. It's recommended to bring all cooking, sleeping and extra camping gear you'll need for your stay. 

You can find a list of all the accommodations available across Ontario parks here