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These Surreal Frozen Caves Near Ontario Need To Be On Your Winter Bucket List

Wander through a 1.2 KM trail to find them!

If you were trying to avoid the fact that winter is arriving I'm so sorry to say that you just can't do that anymore. Winter is officially here and it's just a matter of time before the streets are covered in piles and piles of snow! 

But even though I clearly have strong negative feelings towards most of winter, I can't deny how beautiful and magical it can really be sometimes. While hibernating indoors watching Netflix by the fireplace is definitely my preferred state during these frigid months of the year, getting outdoors and experiencing something amazing is at the top of my list this winter! 

One of the things that should definitely be on your bucket list this winter is the unreal Eben Ice Caves! 

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The Eben Ice Caves are located deep within the Hiawatha National Forest in Michigan. This massive national forest that is to this surreal natural phenomenon is just a short 40-minute drive across the border from Ontario! 

Before you find the caves you'll wander along a 1.2 KM trail through the snow-covered forest through a literal winter wonderland! Once you reach the caves you'll experience the breathtaking sight of hundreds of frozen icicles and ice formations that occur every year after the temperature drops. What's even more amazing about these ice caves is that they have a mysterious blue colour which makes them glow in the sunlight! 

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The best part about visiting the Eben Ice Caves is that you can actually go inside of them and see the magnificent glowing blue colours from a new angle! It will feel like you stepped inside a winter fairytale and it's the perfect place for some seriously unique winter photos as well.

There are tons of other trails inside the forest as well including a trail nearby to the caves that will take you to a rushing river! You can imagine how stunning the river would be with fluffy snow surrounding it. We definitely recommend visitors wear some snow pants on their trip because there are steeper hills on the way back and you can slide down for an extra fun time! 

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