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These Toronto Pho Burritos Might Just Be The Most Extra Food Combo Yet

We can't verify this with any kind of scientific fact or study, but we're pretty sure it's a bonafide truth that food just tastes better when you can eat it with your hands. 

But there are some foods that are just too messy to follow that rule. Like soup, for instance. Liquid. Hot. Hands. What an awful combination. 

Or so we thought until we tried these pho-nominal pho burritos and our concept of what qualifies as handheld food was changed for good. Because this Toronto food-truck, which were the first to bring the city local treasures like sushi burritos, have turned their eye toward even more unconventional combinations. The result is something beautiful: phorittos! Or phoburittos. Or both. Either way. 

When SUSHITTO On The Road brought us sushi burittos, or "sushittos" last year, we honestly didn't think things could get any better. And now they have stepped up the burrito combo possibilities again by bringing the first pho burritos to the city. 

As mind blowing as eating soup with your hands can be, these phorritos are such a natural spinoff of the burrito that we're shook that we haven't tried them sooner. 

Awarded the Best Food Truck of 2016 award, this food truck travels around the downtown core, notifying their fan base (us included 🙋 ) of their upcoming locations on Instagram

And although you may not be as crazy as us and travel across the city when you find out where they're posted up, you might want to get a little crazy and find out where they're located next. AND get there early, because something tells us these phorittos won't be waiting around all day for you, so get 'em while you can! 

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