These Toronto Waterfront Patios Have The Most Epic Views of Lake Ontario

The best season is patio season
These Toronto Waterfront Patios Have The Most Epic Views of Lake Ontario

Most of us are Canadians here, right? So be honest with yourself, even on days when it was snowing or raining outside, you were secretly wishing that you could crack a cold Molson in the actual cold - regardless of the potential frostbite or hypothermia.

Unfortunately, chances for (safe) Canadian patio drinking only come a few months a year - but luckily those months are currently in full swing. While there are many places in Toronto that serve epic outdoor entertainment, we’ve compiled a list of patios you have to check out if you're into some dazzling views of Lake Ontario (and some pretty good cocktails, too).

The Goodman Pub

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Located in the iconic Queen’s Quay Terminal, The Goodman Pub is a relatively new restaurant with an awesome sight of Lake Ontario; and while the scenery is drool-worthy, so is their collection of 24 beer tap options.


Sunnyside Pavilion Cafe

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I’m not sure which is better - the beachfront views you get at Sunnyside Pavilion Cafe or their list of M-lettered drinks ranging from Morning Glory cocktails to their take on a Malibu Pina Colada.


Amsterdam BrewHouse

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The Amsterdam Brewhouse is pretty popular, and you know why that is? Because it’s bloody awesome. A lakeside brewery of 14,000 square feet, this waterfront restaurant is the ultimate spot for your summer squad.


The Keating Channel Pub & Grill

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Located in the Port Lands of Toronto, The Keating Channel Pub and Grill is a large, modern tavern with an even larger waterfront patio.


Joe Bird

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While Joe Bird is credited for healing your hangover with their overstuffed breakfast, it’s also probably due to the amazing views and the even better drinks; because who doesn’t cure a Canadian hangover with just more beer?


The Dogfish Pub & Eatery

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You’re probably wondering the same thing that I did when I first heard of this place: is there such thing as a dogfish? Yes there is, and similar to the rare creature it is, this waterfront patio is a rare hidden gem in Scarborough.


Pie Bar

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Come for the gelato, but stay for the views - this lakeside patio serves the ultimate Neapolitan-style desserts and pizza while combined with an unforgettable background of Lake Ontario.


Cabana Pool Bar

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If it’s Sunday, you already know where half of the Toronto party population will be. While the vibes at Cabana Pool Bar are more luxurious and upscale, their views of Lake Ontario and the Toronto skyline are priceless.


Boxcar Social

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There’s four Boxcar Social locations in Toronto, so - you know - make sure you go to the right one for the waterfront patio. That right one is at the Harbourfront, where the patio is home to some sensational views of Lake Ontario.


Against The Grain

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Only a few steps from Sugar Beach, this waterside restaurant serves epic meaty dishes along with a rotating selection of draft brews - oh, and also an upscale scene of the harbour and Centre Island.