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These Videos Of Toronto's Zoo Animals Opening Christmas Gifts Are The Best Late Christmas Present Ever

The Toronto Zoo celebrates 12 Days of Christmas with special gifts for the animals.
These Videos Of Toronto's Zoo Animals Opening Christmas Gifts Are The Best Late Christmas Present Ever

Christmas may be over, but the Toronto Zoo's version of the 12 Days of Christmas is just getting started. The Toronto Zoo kicked things off with an adorable video series of animals excitedly opening Christmas presents. Those animals include snow leopards, Komodo dragons, monkeys and orangutans, meerkats, giraffes and gorillas.  Lucky for us, the zoo posted each one of the animals' unboxing videos online.

The Toronto Zoo is celebrating 12 Days of Enrichment, a special event that offers limited-time deals on passes and memberships. Plus all kinds of special surprises for the animals.

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The first video in the series was of three snow leopards - Ena, Kita and Mylo - opening a decorated box with their paws. The video doesn't show us what's inside, but based on how excited the leopards look, it was presumably filled with treats. 

Next came an adorable clip of the Toronto Zoo's gorilla and her baby enjoying the goodies in their gift box. The baby was obviously more interested in the box itself than what was inside. Our favourite baby pygmy hippo got a dracaena Christmas wreath filled with melons, which she absolutely loved.

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In a video montage posted by the Zoo, they revealed that over $3,000 was raised to purchase the animals special gifts this holiday season. As we can see from the video, the orangutan was gifted a hairbrush, which the orangutan put to use right away. The raccoons got a puzzle feeder, the gorillas were gifted herbal tea (which the gorilla drank from a cup!!!) and Bran the raven got Connect Four. 

But, we won't give it all away. Check out the full video for yourself to see what the other animals got for Christmas:

On Christmas Eve day, the Zoo treated their fans to an adorable video of Theodore the rhino sniffing around a bunch of wrapped birthday presents under a hand-painted birthday banner. It's literally the cutest video to be posted on the internet in 2018.

As part of the 12-day promo, visitors get a special gift with purchase if they spend $10 or more in one of the Toronto Zoo retail shops. Plus, new members can get an additional two months for free on their membership if they sign up during the 12 Days of Enrichment. To see what else the Toronto Zoo has to offer right now, click here.

It's my birthday, no butts about it 🎂 #BirthdayRhino

December 24, 2018

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