1. Everyone assumes you love drinking vodka...

2. and they're probably right.

 3. You know that Yummy Market is basically heaven.

 4. You live/know a lot of people who live in North York.

5. Your parents probably have  somehow figured out how to get Russian TV channels so they can watch 1TV.

 6. You at one point did Rhythmic gymnastics and Kabayeva was your idol.

 7. Fur coats are a staple piece for your mother and grandmother.

 8. Blinchiki, borsht, olivye, pelmeni. Enough said.

 9. There's a good chance you drive a Beemer or a Benz.

 10. There's also an even bigger chance you have been to a party hosted by Kaboom Events .

 11.You go to Red Square (formally known as Sanduni) on Sundays for banya.

 12. You've been to at least one celebration to each of these restaurants: Elite, National, and Moscow Nights.

13. The holidays are nuts for everyone, but specially for Russians: we have Hanukkah, Christmas, Novbi God,and Stari Novbi God.

14.  You have gotten in trouble for not wearing tapotchki in the house.

15. You or someone you know went to Pushkin School

16. You have  gone to church on Henry Street.

17. You're always explaining to your non-Russian friends that you can't celebrate your birthday before hand because it's bad luck.

18. You for sure have at least one friend with the name Masha, Natasha, or Irina.

19. You're always torn when Canada and Russia play in hockey.

 20. You're extremely proud to be a Toronto Ruskie!