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13 Things To Do In Toronto When You Can't Afford A Vacation

Life's a beach...even in Toronto.
13 Things To Do In Toronto When You Can't Afford A Vacation

Wooo!!! Spring break!!! 

Time to escape the harsh Toronto winter, strap on a swim suit and relax....right? Wrong. Some of us have bills to pay, student loans to battle with, or just dont have time for a vacay right now. Whatever the case, there are still plenty of ways to make it FEEL like you're on vacation, without actually getting on a flight:

Surf workout @ Surfset // 2481A Yonge St

So maybe you can't head to Hawaii just yet, but why not become a surf pro anyways? This new workout is great for core strength as well as balance.

Eat some exotic food @ Nunu // 1178 Queen Street West

The best part of traveling to far and unknown lands is the cuisine you get to try. But what if we told you you don't have to hop on a plane to try some exotic food? Try Nunu for some awesome, spicy Ethiopian fare.

Go for a dip @ Scandinavian Spa  // 152 Grey Road 21, Blue Mountains

A quick drive out of the city will transport you to Iceland's "Blue Lagoon", or at least something close. The Scandinavian Baths are located just minutes away from downtown Collingwood, and their fresh water pools, with water from Georgian Bay, are tucked away in a serene natural forest.

Photo cred - natasha_pascale

Enjoy some greenery @ Allan Gardens // 19 Horticultural Ave

So maybe what you miss most about travel is the greenery and lush nature of a warmer climate. Don't worry, you can just stop by Allan Gardens, which has 5 greenhouses with plants from all over the world, and be surrounded by palm trees and hibiscus flowers.

Take a helicopter ride @ Toronto Heli Tours // Hangar 6 Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport #214

Some people take helicopter rides to look at volcanoes in Hawaii, or to fly over the California coast, but why not take that vacay adventure an apply it to Toronto?

Lounge by the pool @ The Four Seasons Pool // 60 Yorkville Ave

While the pool is only for hotel guests or spa-goers of the Four Seasons, why not mix in a facial and a day by the pool into your schedule and make it feel like a mini-vacay?

Photo cred- Maurya

Take Arvinda's Specialty Cooking Classes  @ Nella Cucina  // 876 Bathurst St

One thing that people love to do when they travel, is learn something new from the culture they're visiting. So why not do the same without going anywhere? Try this Indian cooking class taught by mother/daughter duo and impress your friends with how "well-traveled" you are.

Pretend to be British Royalty @ Fairmont Royal York Hotel // 100 Front St W

Book a night at this old-world hotel, that will definitely have you feeling like you're somewhere in Europe, especially if you also book some afternoon tea to really get in the Euro-spirit.

Photo cred - Facebook

Get bronzed @ Soleil Tanning Salon // 239 Yonge St

The number-one badge of honour when going on vacation is a stellar tan. But fake it till you make it right? Try a spray-tan from Soleil Tanning, a safer alternative to fake and baking.

Get culturaly caffinated @ Constantinople Bakery & Coffee // 536 Queen St W

We can all agree that coffee always just seems to taste better when you're abroad. Try this Queen St gem serves authentic Turkish coffee and sweets, that will take you on a magic carpet ride (much cheaper than a plane ticket. )

Take flight @ uFly Flight Simulator // 1535 Meyerside Dr #6, Mississauga

For many of us, it's not about the destination, but rather the journey. Try out this flight simulator that will have your head in the clouds dreaming of the next time you're on a real flight.

Get a massage // Multiple locations

The whole point of going on vacation is spoiling yourself, but why go away to treat 'yo self? Check out our list of best spots to pamper yourself and get a massage HERE.

Photo cred- Insauga

Escape winter @ Hot Yoga // Multiple locations

Miss the warmth of the sun beating down on you? Hot yoga is basically the same thing, with temperatures up to 40 C, you'll feel like you're doing downward facing dog in Mexico, and not in snowy Toronto.

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