15 Things You Never Knew About Queen's University

Because we're more than just a pretty face.

The beauty about Queen's doesn't just stop at the leaves in the fall on Ontario Hall, but extends to the small community we have here. And we're talking quality over quantity here. And with just under 25,000 students moving through our little nook in the 613 day by day, we all start to pick up on some things that we come to define as "definitly a Queen's thing".

You know the times to get to Tim's to beat the line (haha never), the right bagel order to get at Cogro that isn't such a secret, and obviously the only place to be on a Wednesday night in the hub (hip hop Wednesdays at the Spot, duh). But especially with HOCO coming up, people going home for Thanksgiving, and generally having random facts about Queen's that'll make your friends go "dammmnnnn I wish I went there", there's some things that you probably don't know about Queen's but should.

We are literally older than Canada, as in Canada THE COUNTRY. Ringing in our 175th year of tri-colour sporting, cha gheill yelling, and generally unreal over all existing, there is an encyclopedias worth of things you probably didn't realize happened because of our great institution (and there really is an encyclopedia). Here's some things about Queen's you probably never even knew you were missing from your life, you are welcome.


1. The Herstmonceux castle, home to BISC, was used for some of the scenes in Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets (that's why the castle is so big, it's full of secrets)


2. Not only is the Quiddicth team official AF on campus, but it's registered with the International Quidditch Association.


3. The Queen's Mascot, Boo Hoo the Bear, was based off Bill Hughes real pet bear named Baxter who was brought to football games


4. Boo Hoo the Bear (real bear, not costume) was actually kept in of Grant Hall

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5. There were actually four other bears after Baxter that were brought to football games until the 1950's


6. The first classes began on March 7th, 1842 with two professors and 13 students


7. The co-founder of Paypal, and CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, attended Queen's University for 2 years


8. Any person who is under 30 (so the majority of Queen's students) can get up to 50% off select ticket prices at the beautiful The Grand Theatre on Princess St, that's some high quality cheap thrills. And all you have to do is register.


9. In 2002 Coca-Cola rented out the Bader Castle for part of the prize in their sweepstakes, using it as the setting for "Hogwarts" for the day.


10. Engineers dye themselves purple to honour the engineers that died on the Titanic


11. Queen's Pub was founded as the Quiet Pub in 1977


12. The very first name on the official registry of the Queen's original class was Reverend George Bell, who was one of three members of the first graduating class of 1847


13. Queen's has students from over 100 countries #thenewmrworldwide


14. Queen's ranked 1st (that's above 2nd and 3rd hello) for student satisfaction in Maclean's 2016 University Rankings


15. Our campus was established by a royal charter that Queen Victoria issued. That's right. Bow down

* Feature photo - Oil Thigh Designs * , taken by Smooth Studio