We all make sacrifices, but sometimes when you move to a big city, like Toronto, you lose more than you expected. Living in Toronto isn't cheap, in fact, next to Vancouver, it's the most expensive place to live in Canada. As Torontonians, we have to learn to live with less, and since the majority of our friends are living the same way, it's easy to pretend you're not missing out on anything.

1. Air Conditioning

Many of us can't afford a fancy new condo, so learning to live without air conditioning, whether it's because you're trying to save money on your hydro bill or because your building can't afford it, you're just going to have to deal.

2. A Backyard

Majority of people in the city reside in apartment buildings, so living no backyard is a normal thing for most. But if you ever had the luxury of one back at home, you know how much it sucks to be without it.

Photo cred - James Cridland

3. Space

There's just not much of it in Toronto, and before you know it, you'll find yourself complimenting others on how large their bachelor apartment is.

4. A Car

The only time the TTC is a good idea, is when you see the price of car insurance.

5. Money

We just accept the fact that we have limited (if any) disposable income, and we learn to have fun and live with less a lot differently from those living outside of the city. Hey, when all your friends are poor too, it's really not that bad.

6. Cable TV

Is having a few crappy cable channels really that necessary anyway? Plus, you get used to not watching shows till the day after they air anyway. Netflix anyone?

7. A Home Phone

Whether you're in Toronto or not, having a home phone is just an unnecessary expense when you have a cell phone. Plus, does anyone talk on the phone anymore anyway? Your grandma excluded.

Photo cred - Nic Taylor

8. Dishwasher

Most apartments just don't come with them. You BECOME the dishwasher. It's interesting.

9. Free Laundry Facilities

Gone are the days you could do your laundry whenever you wanted. Had a stain on one shirt? No problem! You'd do a load of laundry just for your one shirt. Now you pile everything you've worn in the past month in into a green garbage bag and trek down to the local laundromat. #luxury

10. Parking (Or At Least Free Parking)

Never will you ever have a place to park your car again that is free. Even if you have a spot at your apartment building, you're probably paying for that too! You begin to accept that if you're driving, you're going to have to pay an arm and a leg for a parking spot, and you still may end up only finding one 10 km away from your destination.

11. Small Purses & Bags

Remember those cute little purses you used to be able to use? Now you're stuck carrying a full backpack or duffel bag, just in case.

12. Being Somewhere Quick

Expecting to be somewhere quick is just an unrealistic expectation in the city. Whether you're walking, driving, or taking transit, as a Torontonian you learn to give yourself LOTS of time to get anywhere, ESPECIALLY if it's important.

Photo cred - R/DV/RS

13. Double Sinks

Remember what it's like to have a sink to dry your dishes, and one to clean your dishes? Yeah that's not a thing anymore.