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This 1-km Floating Boardwalk In Ontario Is The Most Beautiful Place For A Spring Hike

This spring, take a road trip to Point Pelee, one of the coolest outdoor spaces in Ontario. It may be Canada's second smallest national park, but it's also the most ecologically diverse, making it a perfect destination for those looking to get in touch with nature.

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Point Pelee offers a variety of interesting attractions to help you celebrate the warm spring weather. Of them, the most striking one is a kilometre-long, marsh boardwalk that floats over a large marsh ecosystem in the park.

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You'll come across several points of interest during your hike, such as an observation tower with telescopes, forest trails, and a diversity of wildlife from bulrush plants to blackbirds and turtles.

It will also be worth your while to visit the park in the late summer or early fall. Over 10,000 monarch butterflies migrate from Point Pelee at that time, making a 3,000-kilometre journey to the mountains of central Mexico for the winter. Needless to say, a hike on the marsh boardwalk during the butterfly migrations is truly a magical experience.

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Butterfly watching is such a popular activity at the park that there's even a butterfly hotline you can call to let you know when the best times for viewing the migrations are.

Aside from the marsh boardwalk, Point Pelee also has forest trails, sandy beaches and dark skies for stargazing available. Plan a visit to Point Pelee National Park today! 

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