This 1-km Path Takes You Through A Village Made Of 7,000 Glowing Pumpkins In Ontario

A must-see attraction this October.
This 1-km Path Takes You Through A Village Made Of 7,000 Glowing Pumpkins In Ontario

This Halloween, treat yourself to a unique Halloween activity you've never experienced before: an illuminated walk through a village of 7,000 glowing pumpkins.

Upper Canada Village is a heritage park in Ontario that depicts a 19th-century village. Complete with Victorian buildings, water-powered mills, ornamental gardens and even costumed staff, the village gives visitors a glimpse into life in the 1860s, during the time of the Confederation.

Every year, the village hosts a Halloween event called Pumpkinferno. It's an award-winning showcase of handcrafted pumpkin-carved displays, which are lit up at night time. The eye-catching installations are set up along a 1-km path that takes you through the entire village.

There are several points of interest along the path. Jack, an iconic pumpkin-headed scarecrow, makes a return this year, and will keep an eye on you during your walk. You'll enter the village via a welcome bridge decorated with multiple lit jack o'lanterns. Inside the village, all of the exhibits will light up your way.

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This year, Pumpkinferno will run throughout October, starting on September 29, 2017. Below is a full calendar of events, plus the costs of tickets per head:

For more information, visit the Pumpkinferno event page on Upper Canada Village's website.

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Pumpkinferno 2017

Dragon's Lantern Lair - "Dare to pass through a mystical lair where the mother dragon returns with her young hatchling to amaze the Pumpkinferno visitors yet again!"

Rainbow Migration - "Take a moment to reflect upon the stunning effects produced by the colourful array of flocking birds flying over the Village mill pond."

Day of the Dead - "As you walk through this colourful floral field, bask in the beauty of the intricately carved decorative skulls that are joined this year by brand new characters celebrating "Dia de los Muertos" (Day of the Dead), a Mexican holiday remembering and supporting the spiritual journey of deceased loved ones.

Jailhouse Rock - "Being locked up in a cellblock hasn't stopped these 1950s icons from dancin' to the Jailhouse Rock! Put your dancing shoes on and join them in rocking out to some Elvis classics. Can you name all of the celebrities our artists have carved?"

Coins of the World - "Paying tribute to the diverse groups of visitors that attend Upper Canada Village throughout the year, it made perfect "cents" to create an intricately carved pumpkin display featuring various coins found around the world."

Witches Brew - "Though you may be inclined to fear it, we hope this wicked display will put you in the Halloween spirit!"

The Creeping Vineyard - "Don't you love how vines enhance architecture, add colour and change with the season? Walk through the Doctor's Lane at Upper Canada Village to see how these fruit-bearing grape vines have elegantly framed the Doctor's House!"

Cafe Inferno - "Come sit for a spell at Cafe Inferno, a giant pumpkin shelter featuring Eerie Entrees, Bewitching Beverages and Deadly Desserts!"

Biodiversity Butternut Tree - "Biodiversity is in our nature. After touring through the foliage, we hope that it has inspired you to plant some trees and shrubs of your own. The butternut tree is a great example of what you can plant that will support a wide variety of species across the country!"

Night at the Gallery - "Our Pumpkinferno artists reassert their creative abilities in this mesmerizing display of recreated works of art: famous paintings  by some of the greatest painters in history.

Winds of Change - "Windmills have been used for centuries to convert the energy of wind into rotational energy for the purpose of milling grain, pumping water, and most recently, to generate electricity. In this exhibit, our Pumpkinferno team has captured the evolution of the windmill in an effort to educate types of green energy!"

Pumpkin Park - "Smiling Jack faces greet you as you enter this interactive zone... This double-sided archway has been created with over 500 pumpkins."

Pumpkin Planetarium - "Stargazing takes on a whole new light! Follow the stars hung in the trees as they lead the way to a pumpkin carved display of the solar system we live in. An astronaut has made this mini galaxy his home away from home!

Legends from our Lands - "Legends are told to children to instill morals and principles to follow as they grow into themselves. Our Pumpkinferno artists have worked with Akwesasne artist Victoria Ransom of the Native North American Travelling College to depict a number of "Legends from our Lands" including Three Sisters, Celestial Tree, Flying Head and Atotarho.

Upper Canada "Village People" - Recognize any of these familiar faces? Say hello to the Village baker, spinner, blacksmith, teacher and cheesemaker! These artisans represented here, along with countless others, are making History daily from May through September at Upper Canada Village each year.

Patriotic Pastimes - "Finish off the Pumpkinferno tour in true Canadian style as you witness some of the nation's most iconic sports in action. Grab your skates, and we'll see you at the pond!"

The Fur Trade - "Take a trip back to the early 17th century, when the fur trade between French explorers and this land's Indigenous people took place."

The Great White North - "Try to stay warm as you follow the Northern Lights toward a snowy Canadian arctic night."

War of 1812 - "We are taking you back even further in time to celebrate Canadian history as we pay tribute to the soldiers who fought in the War of 1812."

Source: Upper Canada Village

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