The most magical and cheerful time of the year is almost here! As much as I detest the snow and cold I always look forward to the holiday season because the holiday spirit is always infectious. While it may seem way too soon to start talking about all the Christmas and holiday themed events that are taking place this year, they're really just a couple short months away! 

All the Ontario towns are gearing up for their infamous holiday events but there's one that you definitely don't want to miss out on. Every winter the Upper Canada Village transforms into a magical Christmas wonderland complete with almost 1 million lights covering the adorable heritage buildings, the white picket fences and the snow covered trees! 

It couldn't get more enchanting than the Alight At Night festival which is probably one of the most romantic and beautiful spots during the holiday season. 

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The Alight At Night festival understands our love of twinkling Christmas lights during the holiday season and they always take this event to a whole new magical level so we can expect that again this year. They're officially opening for the season on November 30th and finishing on January 5th. 

You do have to pay for entry to the event which costs $16 per person. They also have romantic horse-drawn carriage rides for 2 which cost $92.10. They also include a half-hour private tour, a gourmet departing gift including breads, cheeses and sparkling apple cider, and a 20% off coupon for a jewellry store in town! 

They also decorate a heritage train with lights and transform it into a unique toy train with rides departing every half hour in the evenings. The train rides are included in your admission into the festival! 

The Upper Canada Village is just a 3 hour 45 min drive from Toronto, 1 hour 15 min from Ottawa, 1.5 hours from Kingston and 5.5 hours from London. 

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Check out their website for more information!