This 13-km Lazy River In Ontario Is The Coolest Place For Tubing

Get your floaties and sunnies ready!
This 13-km Lazy River In Ontario Is The Coolest Place For Tubing

The warm weather is finally starting to show in Ontario, and what better way to celebrate than by going on a lazy-river tubing adventure?

Just an hour west of Toronto, the Grand River is the ideal place to get your float on, particularly the section that runs from Paris, Ontario, to Brant Park. The calm, slow-moving current in that 13-km stretch is absolutely perfect for lazy-river tubing and will take you a good five hours to complete. That's right, five hours of sunshine-filled fun and pure relaxation. 

There's also the Glen Morris to Paris section, which stretches 11-km long, but has a little bit more of a splash to it. This route takes approximately three to four hours to complete and features several scenic sights, from lush green forests to riverside communities.

You can choose to bring your own tubes, or rent some out from the Grand River Rafting Company. They offer tubing trips along both of the aforementioned routes from mid-May to October by reservation. For $36, you can rent out enhanced inflatables called "turbo tubes," which have kayak-like shapes and come with dual-sided paddles for steering.

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You'll start your adventure at the finish point, where you'll park your car and staff will equip you with paddles, life jackets, and a dry bag. You'll then be given a quick review of the river route and shuttled upstream to the start point. The rest of the day will be spent floating peacefully back to your car, while basking in the glory of the summer sun.

A peaceful section of the Grand River

Paddling down the Grand River

An interesting old train bridge in the river called "The Three Sisters"

A great outdoor date idea to switch things up

Peaceful floating along the calm currents

Group paddling down the river

Grand River view in Paris, Ontario

So what are you waiting for? Make a reservation with the Grand River Rafting Company today!