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This 145-km Water Route Lets You Explore The 1000 Islands By Jet Ski

The Thousand Islands is one of Ontario's most prized destinations. Stretching from Kingston to Cornwall on the Canadian side, the islands are studded with lush green spaces, historic castles and beautiful waterfront cottages throughout.

Most people explore the Thousand Islands by going on a boat cruise from Gananoque or Brockville, but a jet ski tour provides the most immersive experience. Seadoo Tours, a personal watercraft riding club, set up a 145-km route through the Thousand Islands where riders can see the heritage region in all its glory.

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The route begins at the Glen House Resort in Rockport, where riders meet under the Thousand Islands International Bridge. Being in US waters, riders will have to make a stop at Alexandria Bay first to register their passport with customs.

Afterwards, riders will head east past Heart Island, which contains the iconic Boldt Castle, then past Ina Island, which contains the famous sinking boathouse, then finally, past the gorgeous real estate region of the islands waterway.

Upon reaching Singer Castle by the Prescott Ogdensburg International Bridge, riders will make a turn and head back west to Brockville for lunch and refuelling. The last leg of the tour goes back through Alexandria Bay, another round past Boldt Castle, and through a secluded channel that straddles the Canadian-US border.

Those who do not have their own jet skis can rent at several sites in the Thousand Islands. Click here for a list of rental places. Seadoo Tours also created a helpful map which can serve as a guideline for riders. Click here to see the map.

For more information, visit the Seadoo Tours website. Happy riding!

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