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This 15-km Trail Takes You To Beaches, Waterfalls And Bridges In Ontario

One of the best hikes in the province.

Ontario's backcountry is filled with so much wonder and beauty that it would be borderline criminal not to get out and explore it. There's so much to see, from lush green forests and secluded beaches to surging waterfalls and ocean vistas. Sometimes, you can even encounter all of those sights on a single hike.

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Such is the case with the White River Suspension Bridge Hiking Trail, a 15-km route that meanders through the thick of a boreal forest in Pukaskwa National Park. Along the rugged way, hikers will come across a gorgeous suspension bridge, small waterfalls and beach coves.

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Along with those great sites are even more notable points of interest, including a wooden boardwalk that crosses a wetland, a secluded harbour situated along the lake shore, and the powerful Chigamiwinigum Falls, which rushes underneath the suspension bridge.

It's the ultimate walk in the park, with all the beauty that the ecoregions of Lake Superior have to offer. 

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The best part is that the White River Suspension Bridge Trail is only the first leg of a longer Coastal Trail, the wildest 60-km hike through the backcountry region of the Great Lakes. Though the trail may be a little more difficult than most, it's worth trying for the awe-inspiring views that you can't get anywhere else in the province.

Needless to say, if you're a hiking enthusiast, you have to embark on the White River Suspension Bridge Trail at least once!

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