We have made extravagant home posts in the past, but this may be the craziest one yet.  

Rosedale is know as one of Toronto's most prestigious (and expensive) neighborhoods.  So it's no surprise that it is where this 17 million dollar home is located.  This mansion was built in 1857, making it one of the oldest homes in Rosedale. It was also the home to one of Toronto's mayors George Geary!

This 12,000 square foot home consists of 5 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, an indoor basketball court, wine cellar, grotto, home theater, billiard room and outdoor pool.

So, if you have an extra 17 million dollars, why not spend it on this over the top oasis in the city?! Or if you're like me and have a hard time spending over 40 dollars on groceries, you can just look at the pictures and day dream! :)

Photos by -Sotheby's International