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This 2-km Boardwalk Trail Takes You Through An Ancient Rainforest In Canada

Canada is a prime destination for hiking and outdoor exploration. Its varied landscape makes every adventure a memorable one, with cool and unusual sights waiting to be discovered along the way.

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In the western end of the country exists a place that truly epitomizes the wonder and beauty of the North. Tucked away in British Columbia's Pacific Rim National Park is the Rainforest Trail, one of the country's most popular hiking trails. It takes adventurers to the heart of an ancient rainforest that's filled with hundred-year-old trees, surging streams, intriguing plant life and whimsical fauna.

The trail takes the form of a 2-km boardwalk that meanders through the rainforest and passes by its coolest spots. Surrounded by deep shades of green and kissed by gently falling rain, the boardwalk is arguably one of Canada's best hikes. 

The trail is separated into two main loops that can be accessed from a central highway. Visitors can park in a nearby lot and cross the highway to get to the boardwalk. The trail is also dog-friendly, so hikers can always bring their furry friends along with them for the journey.

The difficulty of this trail is 3/5, which means it is suitable for beginner- to moderate-level hikers. A total of 731 steps will be encountered along the boardwalk, with varying elevations throughout.

Needless to say, the Rainforest Trail should be on every traveller's bucket list!

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