Fancy a cozy Christmas getaway? In Ontario, there are a surplus of festive places and romantic spots to visit this holiday season, and they're all sure to bring out your holiday spirit.

But there's one location in the province that transforms into a dazzling park trail, and not so many people in the province know about. In the quaint town of Delta in the township of Rideau Lakes lies Lower Beverley Lake Park, a 106-acre beachside parkland that serves as the community's main area for outdoor recreation.

via @dodeltaontario

Every year, the park's trees and heritage buildings are outfitted with over 90,000 Christmas lights, converting the green space into a breathtaking holiday village. During periods of snowfall, the park becomes the ultimate winter wonderland that's perfect for a night out with a significant other or with family.

The light festival runs along paths that cut through the entire park, with various themed corners like a candy cane lane, a ginger bread house, a nativity scene, and Santa's workshop. During the festival, horse-drawn wagon rides, tours of the nearby Old Stone Mill and traditional Christmas dinners at the local church are also offered.

The festival launched on Nov. 18 and will continue to run until the new year. Admission is only $5 per person, with children under 12 being free of charge. For more information, check out Delta's official brochure here.