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This 2,300-km Path Lets You Explore Canada And The US By Bike

After months of waiting, summer has finally arrived to grace us with its warm and sunny presence. If you're looking for a unique way to celebrate the hottest season of the year, there's a cool adventure you can go on in Ontario that only requires three things - you, your friends, and the road.

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Ride Lake Superior is one of Canada's best scenic drives. The 2,300-km path brings you as close as possible to the Lake Superior shoreline so you can really take in its vast waters and majestic wilderness.

While the entire route can be travelled by car or bicycle, it was actually intended for motorcycling enthusiasts. The path circles the lake, taking you to both the Canada side and the US side. There's lots to see along the way, including iconic attractions, natural wonders (like beaches and waterfalls), novelty shops, local hubs and hotels.

The best part? You decide what journey to go on. You could drive the whole 8-day route that was pre-planned by Ride Lake Superior, or you can plan your own route using a customizable, interactive map.

The route is made up of five regions - two are in Ontario (Algoma and Northern Shore), and the other three are in the US side. Once you finish all regions, you can fill out a certificate to become a 5-star admiral  of the route. Generally, people who go on the trip split it up in stages over two or three years.

Plan your trip now by visiting the Ride Lake Superior website.

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