Are you a night owl with a frequent case of the munchies? In Toronto, there’s a place where you can get a steaming bowl of pho any time you want, even at 4 am.

Pho Pasteur on Spadina and Dundas is a Vietnamese soup spot that’s open 24/7. Somewhat a hidden gem in the city, the restaurant is perfect for anyone seeking a hearty late-night meal. You’ll find a selection of great eats, from rice platters to noodle soups.

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The best part? Everything is super affordable. A huge bowl of pho (which will be presented on the menu as a ‘small’ size) will cost you only $6 to $7, and you might not even finish the entire thing. 

Of course, they’re delightfully delicious as well, made with the perfect level of saltiness and yummy rare beef. Bear in mind, it is a cash-only establishment, so be sure to fill your wallets with some bills.

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The one thing about the restaurant is that it’s relatively tiny, with not much going on in terms of decor and vibe (unless you’re into industry-grade fluorescent lighting). But that’s not the point - you’re not there for the space, you’re just there to drown yourself in food.

So grab all of your insomniac friends and head over to Pho Pasteur. Night time munchies will become a thing of the past for you.

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Pho Pasteur is located at: 525 Dundas St