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This 3.2 km Trail In Ontario Will Lead You To A Deep Cave You Can Climb Into This Spring

I feel as though we’ve covered almost every trail in Ontario (or at least the ones that are safe enough to explore), but I think we may be neglecting a certain hike in Oxford County that has yet to capture the spotlight. Found in Centreville, a small town about two hours from Toronto, you can explore the beauty — and nightmares — of the Hell Holes Nature Trails and Caves.

Unlike the Devil’s Punch Bowl, which doesn’t resemble its namesake, the Hell Holes Nature Trails is kind of called that for a reason. Pause — don’t freak out just yet. All I’m talking about is the 7.5-metre descent into a cave that you can check out. You know, a typical and casual hell hole.

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Again, this totally isn’t the type of hell hole that you get stuck in and have to face all of your past mistakes in like in every scary movie I’ve ever seen — but it still has a bit of a twist.

With a limit of 100 people per tour, the self-guided tour is a 3.2-kilometre hike along the beautiful scenery of Eastern Ontario. After crossing stone bridges and grottos, you then descend 7.5 metres into the literal depths of hell (hole). The cave itself is decently small, so no seances or anything like that are permitted.

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Due to the rather difficult nature of the trail, it is open during specific times in the spring and summer. For more info on availability and directions, check out the trail’s official Facebook page.

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