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This 5.3 Km Trail In Ontario Leads You To Massive Hidden Caves That You Need To Explore This Spring

Oh, good - yet another Ontario trail that leads to a cave deep within the woods. That’s so not how every forest-centred horror movie has begun. And Friday The 13th's Camp Crystal Lake was just a good summer vacation that didn’t create Jason Voorhees.

Nightmares aside, cave trails have been scattered all across the province but are still relatively unknown by the public. We all know Dundas Peak, and we all know the Bruce Trail, but do you know about the 5.3-km route in Warsaw Caves Conservation Area?

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Located in Warsaw about a two-hour drive from Toronto, this epic and adventurous path is the ultimate way to kick off your spring. Nestled in the valley of the Indian River, the scenic route takes you along caves, potholes and kettles; which basically looks like someone drilled a huge hole into limestone.

Now I could go into detail about how these caves and limestones are formed (something about glaciations and all that jazz), but I suggest just checking it for yourself. While you’re at it, you could also check out other activities in Ontario’s London and Paris - a European road trip!

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The trail is suggested to be best used from April until October - the perfect time for a Spring introduction! For more info, you can check out the conservation area’s official website.

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