This Absolutely Gorgeous Provincial Park Is Only A Few Hours Away From Toronto

It's 100% worth the road trip.
This Absolutely Gorgeous Provincial Park Is Only A Few Hours Away From Toronto

Ontario is brimming with natural beauty. Although it isn't by the ocean like Vancouver is, it still has a lot of surreal features that we can fall in love with, and this provincial park has many of them

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Sitting at the northeast coastline of the Georgian Bay is Killarney Provincial Park, which is perhaps the most scenic provincial park in Ontario. In fact, it's so scenic that it's won over the hearts of several artists in the past, including the legendary Group of Seven. It features 645 square kilometres of wilderness landscape that is made vibrant by its wide diversity of flora and fauna. It is gently cradled by the white quartzite ridges of the La Cloche Mountains, and potted with 50 spectacular cerulean-tinted lakes among the Jack Pine hills within the park. At dawn, light from the setting sun hits the light pink granite of the Georgian Bay Coast ever so softly, making it glimmer wondrously.

From Toronto, it is only a short 4 hour drive, so it's perfect for anyone looking for a nearby escape from the city. Among its 126 car-accessible campsites are two spectacular beaches by George Lake within the park that make for some of the best back country camping in the province. Feel free to explore the park by foot using the five main hiking trails (which includes the La Cloche Silhouette Trail, a 100-km loop that takes a week to hike), or abandon land completely and canoe down its 11 major river routes instead.

If there's anything you must make time for during your visit to Killarney Provincial Park, it's "The Crack" - a portion of white cliffs that offers the most breathtaking views of the park. The path to The Crack is a six-kilometre trail, so it may be in your best interest to set aside a few hours to climb it. Or, you could also take the two-kilometre Granite Ridge hike, which leads to a different but still great view of the park. On another note, some lakes you might also want to visit are Norway Lake and O.S.A. Lake to see their beautiful crystal blue waters.

Visit Killarney Provincial Park's website for more information. Happy exploring!