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This Adorable Botanical Garden In Toronto Is Hosting A Massive Plant Sale This Fall

I think we can all agree that filling your apartment full of lush plants is the ultimate goal. Imagine a gorgeous, white-walled apartment with exposed brick and big windows letting in streams of natural light. Doesn't that just sound like a dream? 

Well we might not have those kinds of apartments readily available in Toronto, but we can at least get the plant part down because Allen Gardens Park and Conservatory is having a massive plant sale this fall! 

This Conservatory is one of the coolest places to visit and hang out in a giant building filled with cacti, succulents and huge tropical plants. They recently hosted their first plant sale this past Spring and it obviously did super well because they're hosting a second one next month! 

The Allen Gardens Park & Conservatory is located at19 Horticultural Ave right in the heart of Toronto's downtown core. Their Fall Plant Sale will be taking place on October 7th from 10am-1pm. You can find a new green friend to liven up your space at this amazing event. 

Not only will they have tons of different kinds of plants for sale, they'll also have volunteers from Toronto Master Gardeners to give you tons of invaluable advice on how to take care of them at home. 

The plant sale will only be accepting cash though so make sure you hit up the ATM before you go! They also want to encourage you to explore the rest of the conservatory before or after you purchase your new green babies. 

They're going to have a huge selection of over 1,000 different plants available so don't worry about them running out of stock. For sale you'll find all of your favourites like cacti, succulents, Spider plants, Aloe, ferns and so much more! 

We don't know exactly what the price range of the plants will be but we're sure they will be super affordable for this flash sale event! 

Check out theirFacebook event for more information. 

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