This Adorable Toronto Cafe Serves Bubble Tea And Taiwanese Desserts

Bubble tea is one of those drinks that is universally loved by literally everyone. Each one is completely customizable to your tastes depending on the type of tea bas you like, to the type of tapioca balls you add, to whether you like yours with a fruity or milky consistency! 

That's why so many people are literally obsessed with bubble tea and the craze is growing with the help of adorable cafes like this one opening up all the time in Toronto. FormoCha Bubble Tea House serves up delicious bubble teas that pair perfectly with their amazing authentic Taiwanese desserts straight from East Asia. 

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Their special dessert comes straight from Taiwan and they're called wheel cakes. They are made out of two halves of dough with all kinds of different fillings placed together to create a stuffed wheel cake! 

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Some of the delicious wheel cake flavours they have available are matcha, Oreo cheesecake, chocolate molten, red velvet, strawberry Nutella, and so many more! They honestly look so delicious you'll want to try them all! 

They also have a whole bunch of classic and unique bubble tea flavours that you absolutely need to pair with your yummy Taiwanese treat.

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FormoCha Bubble Tea House is located at 615a Bloor St W in The Annex area, 55 Eglinton Ave E the North Toronto area, and 5377 Yonge St in North York. 

Check out their Facebook page for more information.