There is definitely no shortage of cool, hip cafes in Toronto. This city is literally crawling with cute cafes that you can't help but spend all your free time in. I'm a huge fan of cafes and love discovering new ones every chance I get. 

If you walk down almost any street in Toronto you're bound to run into at least a few different independent cafes all serving up delicious coffee in a cozy atmosphere! But there's a few of them that definitely strive to do things a bit differently. 

BlackGold Cafe is making some seriously inventive and unique drinks that you can't find anywhere else in the city! They make fruity coffee and teas that are so vibrantly coloured they literally look like a unicorn in a cup! 

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BlackGold Cafe is located at 2101 Brimley Rd in Scarborough and is perfect for anyone looking for an adorable spot to chill in the east end of the city! They have a huge space with tons of seating making it perfect for students or busy professionals that want to a place to work for the day. 

Their drinks look out of this world delicious and they're really pushing the envelope with their flavours too. Some of these unique drinks include their sparkling raspberry lemonade, their liquid gold (espresso, steamed milk, sugar and whipped cream), their signature Pegasus drink, their blueberry caramel fog, their raspberry white hot chocolate and so much more. 

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Unreal teas and coffees aren't the only thing this cafe does super well, they also serve up delicious food as well! They make tons of delicious sandwiches and fresh salads to enjoy like their smoked salmon sandwich, cajun chicken sandwich, grilled cheese sandwich, veggie salad, quinoa and kale salad and more! 

The prices here are also super affordable with their specialty drinks coming in under $5 each, their salads coming in around $7.50 each, and their sandwiches coming in around $7-$8 each. You can also buy baked goods and pastries here like their macarons! 

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Check out their website for more information.