If you like coffee with a side of fashion and art... you have found your new go-to cafe. OFFSITE is a coffee shop that showcases Canadian talent amidst brilliant coffee culture. This coffee shop is a concept store: a coffee bar, a fashion boutique and an art gallery... all in one. They promote Canadian fashion designers and artists through their public presentations and also host events. If you like a niche space to do your work and sip on your Americano, OFFSITE is the perfect cafe.

For creative people who love to discover and enjoy great coffee OFFSITE is a constantly evolving space. Every 6-8 weeks this cafe gets a makeover, reinventing itself and its merchandise. Whether it's a new perspective, new theme or new narrative, something changes.


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This eclectic interior with urban lighting invites you in to stay awhile. With its cozy wooden benches and recycled wood slat tables, OFFSITE is the perfect place to catch up on a good book, hang out with a friend or get some much needed studying in on a rainy afternoon. With all the makings of a favourite coffee shop, OFFSITE's art displayed throughout the cafe is an added touch.

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The surrounding walls offer a simplistic view of Canadian talent. 

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Coffee time?

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For Toronto trendsetters, book a coffee date with your bestie at OFFSITE. Follow @offsite.concept.space ~~ Comment below if you're interested!