This Adorable Town Near Toronto Is Transforming Into Stars Hollow From Gilmore Girls

Coffee at Luke's, anyone?
This Adorable Town Near Toronto Is Transforming Into Stars Hollow From Gilmore Girls

Have you ever wanted to walk through the storybook-perfect town of Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls and grab a coffee at Luke's? Canadian fans of the show can officially start making their dreams come true. The Gilmore Girls Fan Festival is back and they will transform one lucky Canadian town into Stars Hollow for one magical weekend.

Last Fall, the Gilmore Girls Fan Fest was in Kent, Connecticut and prompted fans from Ontario to road-trip down to join in the Gilmore Girls goodness. This year, Canadian fans are being spoiled with an event of their own! The town of Unionville in Markham, Ontario was used in the original pilot episode of Gilmore Girls. 

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Via Unionville Main Street

This special Canadian connection to the show makes all of my nostalgia for Gilmore Girls even sweeter! Festival-goers will get to meet with all kinds of cast members who played the colourful residents of Stars Hollow. Anyone who loved the quick witticisms, sarcasm, pop-culture references and the cozy little world of Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls won't want to miss out on this incredible event. Just take it easy on the Founder's Day punch!

Whether you're team Dean, Jesse, or Logan—every Gilmore Girls fan will absolutely love this event. The Gilmore Girls Fan Fest will be going on from Friday, October 4 to Sunday, October 6, 2019, in Unionville, Ontario. Festival tickets cost $365 and the sales start on Monday, February 11. Your ticket includes access to all events, meet-and-greets, activities and panels.

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