This Adult Playground In Ontario Will Make You Feel Like You're An Ultimate Ninja Warrior

Have you ever watched Ultimate Ninja Warrior and said, “I could do that?” Well now you can prove it — Ontario is home to a ‘ninja warrior training gym’ that features all the obstacles from the hit show.

The obstacles will test your speed, endurance and strength as you make your way through them, and it’s a really fun way to get a full body workout. There are separate courses for children and adults, so you can live out your Ultimate Ninja Warrior fantasies no matter what your age or skill level.

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Test your abilities on a variety of challenging obstacles, including the Salmon Ladder, Spider Wall, Triple Traverse Box, Pipe Slider, Ring Slider, Swinging Bars, Sea of Poles, Cargo Climb, Quintuple Steps, Tight Rope, Up & Over wall and much more. The gym also just got warped walls, so make sure to bring a good pair of rubber shoes.

Aside from the Ninja Warrior courses, you can also go climbing on their rock wall and cargo nets. They each utilize TRUBLUE auto-belays which automatically adjusts to each climber’s weight, ensuring your safety while you’re up in the air.

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Admission is $20 an hour for kids and $24 an hour for adults. Each ticket includes full access to the Ninja courses, warped walls and rock climbing.

All participants must also sign a waiver and bring comfortable gym clothes (the more covered you are, the better since some obstacles make you more prone to chafing).

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