This Adult Playground In Toronto Is Perfect For Playing "The Floor Is Lava" Game

Your childhood dreams come to life.
This Adult Playground In Toronto Is Perfect For Playing "The Floor Is Lava" Game

We've all done it before. We imagined the floors in our living rooms suddenly turned into pools of hot, fiery lava. The only way to survive was to use our wits to get across the area without touching the floor. As kids, we all called the game "The Floor is Lava", and it might be one of the best memories we have of our childhood.

Recently, the game resurfaced as a social media challenge where someone would yell out "the floor is lava" at random moments and another person would have to find a place in their immediate surroundings to get off the ground. As fun as that might sound, the game is sometimes played at a places of business where that sort of behaviour is typically not welcome...

But in Toronto, there's one place where you can play "The Floor is Lava" all you want, without the risk of getting in trouble for it. The Monkey Vault is a 10,000-square-foot facility that is primarily intended for parkour training. While the floor isn't specifically designed as a pool of lava, with a little bit of imagination, the entire area could be your very own lava playground.

The space is fitted with all sorts of obstacles, from poles you can cling onto to platforms you can hop across. There's even a giant foam pit that you can fling yourself into, just for kicks. You'll need to run, jump, climb and swing to make your way to each obstacle, and the path you choose to take is entirely up to you. 

Aside from being a great place to play "The Floor is Lava" game, The Monkey Vault is also perfect for those looking to train for other real-life challenges. Many people visit the facility to prepare for things like marathons, mountain climbing and even upcoming movie stunts.

Those serious about learning the art of parkour can also take interactive classes where an instructor will teach the basics of movement and play. There are acrobatics and gymnastics courses as well, if you seek a more formal type of physical activity.

The Monkey Vault is located at 100 Symes Rd in Toronto. For more information, visit their official website.