Looking for a fun adventure to go on this year? In Ontario, there's a new attraction that lets you climb to new heights and embark on an incredible journey through the skies.

Ascent Aerial Park is a massive obstacle course in Sauble Beach that features over 30 challenging components. Participants climb their way up to heights of over 40 feet, where they will have to maneuver through each unique hurdle in the park to get back down. There are suspension bridges, cargo nets, lumberjack logs, a, ziplines, rope swings and 3-route climbing wall to encounter along the way, and each of them are sure to get the adrenaline pumping.

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There are three main structures in the park: The Tall, The Wall and The Fall. Each one offers a unique activity that will test your strength, physicality and courage.

The Tall is the 40-foot-tall centre piece of the park that consists of over 30 different obstacles on three levels. The easier games are at the lowest level, and the difficulty gets harder as you make your way to higher levels. 

The Wall is a rock climbing station that brings you to various levels of the park. Beginner, intermediate and advanced routes are all available, so it's suitable for all skill levels. Just make sure to take a moment to enjoy the view from the top once you get there. 

The Fall is a 40-foot free-fall experience that brings you back down to ground level. It may seem like a simple activity - participants just get clipped in and jump - but it takes quite a bit of courage to do. Once you've made the leap, you'll definitely want to do it again!

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Each structure has its own admission prices. The Tall (30 games, 60 minutes) is $28 per adult. You can add The Wall (3 routes, 2 climbs) and The Fall (1 free-fall jump) for $18 more to get the full park experience, otherwise they cost $14 and $10 per adult, respectively.

The park will officially close for the 2017 season on September 4, so there are only a few days left to try it out this year. However, it will reopen in July to August annually, from 10 am to 9 pm.

via @ascentaerialpark

Visit Ascent Aerial Park at: 11 Lakeshore Blvd N, Sauble Beach, ON