Pasta is probably one the greatest foods ever invented, hands down. When I was in university I literally ate pasta for every meal and had no shame about it whatsoever. 

Pasta is one of those foods that's so easy to make, it's so versatile and also so delicious! You can basically put whatever kind of toppings and sauce you want onto your pasta to make it completely your own and it will still taste amazing. 

That's what this new pasta shop that is hosting their grand opening today in Toronto is all about: making it your own! This build your own pasta bar called Pasta Mondo that's all about creating a quick, easy and delicious meal you can eat on the go.

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Pasta Mondo is located at 55 St Clair Ave W right near the Summerhill and Casa Loma areas. It's perfect for the busy professional who needs a quick bite during their lunch break, a student at U of T or anyone who's in the area and wants to eat some delicious fresh pasta!

Believe it or not there are 7,776 buildable pasta combinations at Pasta Mondo! How it works is you first choose the size that you want then choose the type of pasta such as cheese tortellini, gnocchi, penne and more. 

After that you pick your sauce and cheese such as alfredo, rose, pesto or others topped with parmesan, cheddar and more. Finally choose your toppings including sautéed mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, jalepeno, chicken and more. They then cook it up for you and voila, you've got yourself some fresh pasta!

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The best part about this pasta shop is how affordable it is. A regular size which is a 16 oz. container only costs $4.99, a large 26 oz. container costs $6.99 and a family size 106 oz. container costs $23.99! If you buy the family size that's basically feeding 4-6 people (or one super hungry individual, no judgement) for the price of one pasta dish at a fancy Italian restaurant! 

Pasta Mondo also prepares pre-packaged pastas that are frozen and easy to take home and make for dinner when you're in a rush during the week. 

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Check out their website for more information.