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This All-New Sushi Shop In Toronto Serves You Sushi On A Conveyor Belt

A totally unique sushi experience!

You might have read the title above and think I made a serious typo and really meant Japan and not Toronto. But it seems like all the coolest things in Japan are finally making their way over to Canada with this new, innovative way to enjoy sushi! 

There's an all-new sushi shop that just opened up in Toronto that offers a sushi experience like no other we've seen here before! Hana Sushi & Cafe delivers your sushi straight to your table on an actual monorail conveyor belt.

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Via Hana Sushi & Cafe

You can find Hana Sushi & Cafe located at 21 Grenville St near the Church and Wellesley area of downtown Toronto. Once you walk into this space you'll feel like you were transported straight to a comfortable sushi cafe in Japan! 

How it works is you'll order all of your sushi off of an iPad at your table, the monorail will zoom over to your table and you can then grab your sushi from the monorail and enjoy! Each plate is coordinated by colour and ranges in price from $1.99-$5.99 which is added up at the end. 

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The sushi itself has gotten great reviews from customers so far, claiming that it's all super fresh and great quality. They warn that it's important to pay attention to the cost though since the quantity is small and you can end up spending more than you planned to! 

They also have a menu of delicious drinks to choose from that come in mason jars and pair perfectly with your sushi feast. 

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Check out their Facebook page for more information.